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    Default New WWE Talent Savelina Fanene Related to The Rock?

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    We noted before that one of WWE's new developmental Diva signings was Savelina "Lina" Fanene, who is of Samoan descent and was somehow close to The Rock. We now know they are cousins. Her grandfather and The Rock's great grandmother were brother and sister. Lina, who is from California, has a background in sports and apparently was a star basketball player.

    She attended WrestleMania 28 with John Cena vs. The Rock as the main event and after that show, The Rock's mother Ata Johnson suggested that she try pro wrestling. At first Lina wasn't interested and thought the idea was crazy but started looking into wrestling schools in California. She had the tryout with WWE and they saw enough in her to sign her to a deal.

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    So many people are related to The Rock



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