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    Default WWE Wants Taker at SummerSlam, Rumors of Roster Changes, The Miz

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    - There have been rumors within WWE and NXT of officials freshening up the rosters. Itís noted that this doesnít necessarily mean releases.

    The idea within WWE developmental is to add people to their program, not subtract, especially for when the new WWE Performance Center opens next month. In the meantime, there are people who may be moved up to the main roster and cuts are always possible.

    - As noted, The Miz didnít return on Mondayís RAW because he was finishing filming on The Christmas Bounty. He is now being advertised to return at next weekís RAW from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    - Word came out this week that WWE officials want to do Kane and The Undertaker vs. The Shield at SummerSlam. The match would largely depend on whether or not Taker wants to wrestle that soon. No word yet if Daniel Bryan would be included in the match.

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