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    Question WWE Survivor Series 2012 PPV Buys Are Majorly Down, But It Isn't A Bad Thing.

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    WWE's Survivor Series PPV drew an estimate of 212,000 buys. Final numbers for this and the TLC PPV - will be released in early 2013 when WWE announces fourth quarter earnings results. This year's event is obviously majorly down compared to last year, which drew 281,000 buys for The Rock teaming with John Cena. The 2010 Survivor Series also drew 244,000 buys.

    However, WWE may take this as a positive as a 200,000+ PPV after having a major Main Event change and a UFC PPV the night before. WWE also should gain 200,000+ for TLC so it would be a successful quarter for WWE as PPV buys are obviously becoming harder and harder to sell.



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