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    Default WWE Stars Reveal How Much They Can Bench Press, Get Your 2K14 Creations on TV, More

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    - WWE's YouTube channel has posted highlights from this week's episode of Superstars with Jinder Mahal vs. Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox vs. Naomi.

    - WWE's website has a new article up asking Superstars how much they've bench pressed.

    * Ryback - 550lbs.
    * Titus O'Neil - 545lbs
    * Antonio Cesaro - 405lbs
    * Kane - 525lbs
    * Roman Reigns - 445lbs
    * Big Show - 500lbs. for 12 reps
    * John Cena - 465lbs
    * Big E Langston - 575lbs

    - Fans can show off their WWE 2K14 created Superstars or Divas on Twitter with the hashtag #WWE2K14Create. Some creations will be featured on RAW and SmackDown in the next two weeks.



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