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    Default Several WWE Stars Comment on Vengeance, Rock Comments on Survivor Series

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    Several WWE Superstars took to Twitter tonight and commented on WWE's Vengeance pay-per-view, including Jim Ross, who noted he was watching from home:

    Vickie Guerrero: "At the end of the night, at least I still have some Gold....great job @HEELZiggler for US Champion"

    Natalya: "I guess I'll be watching @TheBethPhoenix backstage - I'm so mad. Kelly is such a whiner. Thanks for ruining my night @RealKellyKelly"

    Zack Ryder: "Sorry Broskis..."

    Jim Ross: "Amazing impact! San Antonio crowd came alive. Show & Henry both down. So is the ring. Looks like Henry-Show might be a no decision. Chaos.."

    "ADR beats Cena to retain WWE Title...w/ help from Miz & Truth. Very physically intense match. Two Sore dudes tomorrow"

    "Nasty crash by HHH thx to super sized power bomb from @RealKevinNash. Cringe worthy."

    "US Title means less when commentary veers off course. Could someone be feeding Cole those untimely, lame JR jokes? Nah."

    - The Rock also commented on WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view tonight:

    "Time to ELECTRIFY NYC and Madison Square Garden like never before at Survivor Series. #BootsToAsses #THEPeoplesChampion"



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