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    Default WWE SmackDown Results (1/11/13) Miami, Florida *Spoiler*

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    The following results are based on an international broadcast of WWE SmackDown set to air Friday January 11, 2013
    We get the voiceover hyping up The Rock’s return to Smackdown, Big Show’s title reign and the number one threat to him in the form of Alberto Del Rio.
    Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and this week we come to you from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida and we kick things off with Lilian Garcia introducing Smackdown GM Booker T. Booker welcomes the WWE Universe to Smackdown and promises they will kick 2013 off wityh a bang. Booker says he cannot overlook this past Monday’s Raw and anything Raw can do, Smackdown can do better and as GM of Smackdown he is not going to take a back seat to anyone. He says Raw gave us Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena and tonight Booker is going to give the crowd Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton. Raw did deliver The Great One, The Rock and tonight for the first time in 10 years, he is giving the people The Rock in this ring. Tonight the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a Last Man Standing Match with Big Show facing Alberto Del Rio. Big Show comes out and says this is a horrible idea and asks if this is personal. Show asks for the mic and says this is a personal vendetta Booker has and asks if Booker isd still angry because Show’s still in the game while Booker is pushing papers sitting behind a desk. Show asks why Booker has a problem with Show as World Champion and says he wants the people in Miami to embrace Alberto Del Rio is the reason. Show then says by Booker having him compete against Alberto Del Rio that Booker thinks the people are going to get behind Albeto Del Rio and says Del Rio isn’t in his class. Show says the people in Miami can’t be given a hero. There are no heroes that can stop him and says he sees what this is about. He calls the people weak, feeble and inferior and giving them a hero is a bad idea and strongly advises Booker to change his mind. He goes to grab Booker Del Rio runs out and attacks Show and delivers a dropkick and an enziguri. A second dropkick sends Show out of the ring before Booker can break it up.
    We get our first of many Rock highlights that will be airing throughout the night with the first one being from September 13, 2001 with Shawn Stasiak confronting The Rock and wanting his WCW Championship and being the recipient of a Rock Bottom


    Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro
    Cesaro and Orton lock up and a n armbar into a wristlock by Cesaro. Hammerlock on Orton. Orton with the side headlock. Irish whip and a shoulderblock to Cesaro. Cesaro with a series of uppercuts. Orton with a kick tossing Cesaro out of the ring. Orton to the outside flattens Cesaro with a clothesline.
    Cesaro back in the ring with a chinlock on Orton. Elbows, headbutt and uppercut by Orton. Cesaro with a clothesline to Orton. Gutwrench to Orton. Orton in the corner and Cesaro delivers body shots. Snapmare into a chinlock as Orton gets to his feet. Cesaro runs into a boot. Orton with the roll up. Slam by Cesaro. Irish whip and Orton with a series of clotheslines. The powerslam by Orton. Orton off the ropes and Cesaro delivers the uppercut. Cesaro picks Orton up and whips him into the corner but Orton reverses and runs into a knee. Clothesline ducked by Orton who hits the backbreaker. Orton with the hangman’s DDT. Orton setting up for the RKO and The Shield runs in from behind with a 3 on 1 attack. The Shield sets Orton up and delivers the three man powerbomb.
    The winner of the match by DQ: Randy Orton


    Backstage: 3MB are with Matt Striker and McIntyre says this past Monday night, officially added to the 3MB world tour, the Royal Rumble match. Jinder Mahal says 3MB is going to rock when it rolls into Phoenix. Slater then says 30 men in the Royal Rumble match and the three of them, his mom said they have a 10% chance of winning the Royal Rumble and going on to headlining Wrestlemania. McIntyre then says they have a certain Irish tenor to tend to and Slater says what Sheamus did on Raw was so out of tune and they’re going to beat him like an irish drum.
    We then go to a pre-recorded promo from CM Punk and Paul Heyman who are at Sun Life Stadium earlier in the day. Punk asks Rock if he recognizes the background and says it’s the home of Wrestlemania 28 where last year Rock had his last match and the home of Miami University football team and that everybody around the world, based on what happened last Monday, he’s going to come and ruin his little homecoming and say all sorts of horrible things about his family but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Punk says he’s actually a fan of The Rock. Especially his college football career and puts on The Rock’s football jersey and calls himself a college football aficionado. And says Rock never played in Sun Life though, he played all his games in the Orange Bowl but it’s been torn down. The place where Rock lived all his glory days is gone. Punk calls it a perfect metaphor because the place where Rock lived his glory years is gone. This isn’t the WWE he knows and loves, this isn’t the WWE where he dominated. This is Punk’s house. Punk’s WWE. Everyone lives in the CM Punk era and Rock doesn’t have a future in WWE. Not as long as CM Punk is his opponent. And he doesn’t want to ruin Rock’s day, he’s surrounded by loved ones and tells Rock to kiss and hug everybody and have a good time. He likes a feel good moment just as much as the next guy except he likes to snatch them out of the air and break them apart with his bare hands and wants Rock to remember that when he steps into the ring with Punk at Royal Rumble. Punk says while he knows WWE’s trumpeting Rock’s return, and he’s going to come out into the people’s ring with the people’s mic in front of his family and friends and say finally The Rock has come back to Miami, he wants Rock to know he can come back to Miami but he can never go home.


    Backstage: Matt Striker asks for Alberto Del Rio’s reaction to what happened earlier as well as the fact that he will be competing in a Last Man Standing Match. Del Rio calls Big Show the most insecure person in the world. First he bullies Ricardo Rodriguez then he he runs down Del Rio’s people and he doesn’t know a thing about the Latin community but tonight he’s going to find out the true meaning of La Familia and at the end of the night the last man standing will be a latino and his name is Alberto Del Rio and he will be the World Heavyweight Champion.
    Great Khali & Natalya vs Dolph Ziggler & AJ
    Ziggler and Khali start things off. Punches and kicks by Ziggler and Khali whips Ziggler into the ropes and chops him down. Huge chest slap in the corner by Khali. And one more time in the opposite corner. Ziggler tags AJ and AJ skips around and jumps on Khali’s back. Natalya comes in and pulls AJ down. Clothesline to AJ. Natalya going for the sharpshooter but AJ escapes it by biting Natalya. AJ retreats to the corner and Natalya unloading on her. Natalya goes to pull AJ out of the corner and AJ back to biting her. Float over inverted DDT and the cover on Natalya for the three count.
    The winners of the match: AJ & Dolph Ziggler
    Post Match: Big E Langston flattens Khali with a clothesline and Zigglers follows up with the Famouser. Hornswoggle stands over Natalya and Langston grabs him by the arm and picks him up dropping Hornswoggle face first to the mat.
    We get our second Punk promo and Punk says this past Monday Rock said “times up” and he said it so definitively that he believed Rock actually convinced himself that he thinks he can beat Punk and says Rock thinks of himself as some superhero who’s come back to save the people and says the people don’t deserve to be saved. The people can rot in hell that’s what they deserve. Punk says he’s Best In The World. He’s better than the people, he’s better than The Rock. Heyman says Rock’s vision is that he’s just as talented as CM Punk but he’s not and tells him not to take it personally. Punk’s not better than just The Rock. Punk’s better than everyone. Heyman says he understands Rock’s vision, the people’s vision. He’s the conquering hero. And the Rock’s going to ride into the Royal Rumble, beat up the bad guy, ride out of town and into Wrestlemania . But CM Punk has made a career out of stomping out peoples’ dreams and does not share the people’s vision and says in the era of CM Punk it doesn’t matter what the Rock’s vision is. Punk then takes off Rock’s jersey and drops it on the field and walks off.


    We get another Rock moment and it’s The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection from 1999
    The Rock Returns
    The Rock comes out to a loud ovation and does his catchphrase. Rock says this is a special show and a special night and introduces Flo Rida. The Rock then says not only is he back on a special night but back on a very special show. On a show that was named after him. The Rock is back on his show in front of his hometown and is excited to come back in front of his home city, his hometown in front of family and friends. The Rock says he wanted to continue what he did this past Monday on Raw. Rock Bottom in the middle of the ring. People’s Elbow in the middle of the ring So everyone can imagine how disappointed and he knows the people are too, that CM Punk decided not to show up. The crowd began to chant “Cookie Puss”. Rock says Punk wants to run Miami down but Rock says this is where it all started for The Rock. Greentree Practice Field where it all started for The Rock. Him and his teammates put it down dropped sweat and blood. Learned about commitment, scacrifice, life. Played in every major bowl, became a national champion and everything The Rock’s accomplished in life all started in Miami. Rock says home for him isn’t just here in Miami. Home for the Rock is the Royal Rumble when he kicks CM Punk’s Cookie Puss ass and becomes WWE Champion. Since Punk didn’t want to com here tonight and have fun, Rock is going to have fun on his own. Team Rhodes Scholars then come out. Damien Sandow then introduces himself to The Rock and says he is the intellectual saviour of the unwashed masses and introduces Cody Rhodes as the essence of moustachioed magnificence and they are out in the ring not only to help but correct Rock. He is not to become champion, they are. Cody says they don’t think Rock deserves to be World Champion. They don’t feel he deserves this time, they do and tells Rock to get out of the ring before he doesn’t have any choice. Rock then runs down Rhodes’ mustache and Sandow makes a wager with Rock. He says recently he’s been on a quest to find an apprentice. He’s been asking members of the audience to answer three questions correctly and not surprisingly he hasn’t found one able to do so and seeing as how Rock is the People’s Champion he wants to see if Rock can do what the people couldn’t. Sandow says if Rock answers three questions correctly he gets to stay, if he doesn’t Rock leaves. The Rock tells Sandow to bring it. Rhodes and Sandow then take a turn each asking the first two questions but then before Sandow can ask the third question Rock says since they both asked him two questions he would like to ask them one and if they get it right they’ll get a nice prize from The Rock and Miami and hits a Rock Bottom to Sandow. Rhodes then takes his jacket off and runs into a spinebuster from The Rock followed by The People’s Elbow.


    Sheamus vs 3MB
    Slater starts out against Sheamus and Slater rolls out of the ring. 3MB runs into the ring and Slater runs into a boot and the cover by Sheamus to pick up the three count
    The winner of the match: Sheamus


    Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players
    Bryan and Young start out and Young with an uppercut. Young runs into an elbow and Bryan on the second rope gets pulled down by Young. O’Neil iin and he picks Bryan up and slams him to the mat. Bryan gets the boots up and Kane in off the tag with a series of clotheslines to Young. Side slam by Kane. Young off the top rope gets caught by Kane with a shot to the throat. Both Prime Time Players counter a chokeslam and Bryan takes out both opponents. Kane with the chokeslam on Young and the cover for the three count.
    The winners of the match: Team Hell No

    World Heavyweight Championship:
    Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio – Last Man Standing Match

    Del Rio starts out with kicks. Headbutt to Del Rio and the huge chest slap and a forearm to the back by Big Show. Slam to Del Rio. Kick to Show and Del Rio unloading with kicks and punches. Show to the outside pulls out a table. Show slams Del Rio through the table. Show grabs a steel folding chair and tosses Del Rio back into the ring. Show back in the ring and Del Rio counters the chair shot with a kick to the gut and lands his own chair shot to the back. Show on the ropes and Del Rio drives the chair into the gut and across the back once more and Show down to one knee. Del Rio going for the cross armbreaker but Show picks him up dumping him over the top rope but Del Rio holding on to the arm. Show picks Del Rio up and drops him to the floor. Del Rio gets to his feet and as Show rounds the corner


    Kick by Del Rio and Del Rio softening up the arm. Ramming Show shoulder first into the ringpost. Kick by Show and Del Rio rolled back into the ring. Show going back under the ring and another table comes into play. Show props the table up in the corner as Del Rio attacks from behind. Headbutt to Show and a dropkick sends Show crashing through the table. Sleeperhold on Show by Del Rio and Show slowly fading but manages to toss Show off. Clothesline has Show teetering. Show runs into a pair of boots. Del Rio off the second ropes runs into a chokeslam by Del Rio. A headbutt sends Del Rio to the floor. Spear through the barricade by Show. Show setting up and he delivers the KO Punch to Del Rio. Show picking up the ring steps but misses and hits the ringpost. Del Rio takes his turn and he nails Show with the steps. Third time is the charm as those steel stairs knock Show down. Del Rio tips the announce table over onto Show and referee Mike Chioda administers the count of 10 to the Big Show
    The winner of the match and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio
    -End Show-
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