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    Default WWE Smackdown Thoughts: A Disaster Saved By One Fantastic Segment.

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    What a disaster.
    That’s all I could think after “Super Smackdown”. I don’t know if WWE are struggling with Smackdown but nothing seems to be happening. It’s all the same thing. Just when you think they’ve done something right, the next segment was god awful. Anyway, there was a shining light in this two hours so here are my thoughts on Super Smackdown.
    Well, Smackdown actually didn’t kick off that badly. Good to see Mean Gene with the interview stance. Sheamus seemed generally too happy for me during the segment. Enter Johnny Ace though and I feel the whole “BIGGEST FINE EVER” has been so overused and to say $500,000 penalty? The most unrealistic attempt to add drama in a while. Then, Ace booked Sheamus & Mean Gene vs Del Rio & Bryan. What a strange main event which would become clearer later.
    When Orton vs Henry came on, I actually thought they had started fairly strong. The match was actually not too bad. I enjoyed for the most of it the action and then Kane arrived. Now, I like Kane, I do, but this feud is starting to make me feel like I’m suffering. The lack of reason for the feud I thought had ended last week. Clearly though, Kane feels like kidnapping Bob Orton is clever to p*** off Randy. Of course, Randy ends up laid out. Just leave the feud please. Oh and Orton “KOing” Henry, you know that guy whose booked vs CM Punk for a title match? It shows the “order” in WWE and it’s not good.
    Benny Camer vs Ryback. Just a great name. Squash Match. Build up Ryback. Fair enough.
    Slater & Kidd vs Usos. Awful. I say that because there was NO attention to the actual match. Again, I like Jimmy Hart & Mick Foley but they couldn’t have tried to hide the guys in the ring anymore than they did. Car Crash.
    Then Piper’s Pit came. What a segment. I mean it. It was fantastic. Everyone in it played their parts fantastically. Roddy still has it and argument that he could be on WWE TV every week is there. He made it feel special. Bryan’s mic work is outclassing anything else on the roster. Anything. Hell, A.J played her part well, she was convincing and the whole segment was completely…well…perfect! Daniel Bryan will turn face eventually, I’m sure.
    Khali, Alicia Fox & Natalya vs Drew Mcintyre & The Bella Twins ……………Mcintyre: I’m so much better than this. So True. An absolute colossal WASTE OF TIME! However, seeing Mae Young is always pretty damn awesome.
    Damien Sandow has potential to be the next best thing on Smackdown. He really does, I would put him out there over a lot of others already on Smackdown.
    Hacksaw vs Hunico? I get the “Blast From The Past” but man, this was again awful. I like seeing the legends but this was just a no no.
    Cody Rhodes and Dusty featuring the Big Show. 3 Weeks in a row for Cody. Completely Unnecessary. What is it with WWE and SQUASHING HEELS!
    Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio vs Mean Gene & Sheamus. The biggest main event disaster I have seen in a long time. Sheamus CLEAN PINNED Bryan in what? 2-3 minutes?! Then they ended Smackdown with the Legends cleaning up on Ricardo. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind if this was the penultimate segment but the LAST segment on the show? Deary me!
    And then, WWE must have ran out of the ideas. Then Cole came to the ring and got squashed down. What the hell?! That stuff is for when Smackdown finishes, not during the broadcast. A complete and utter disappointment.
    END THOUGHTS: Live Smackdown’s need to stop. They have found their groove on Friday nights. The Smackdown ratings on Tuesday’s aren’t generally that good and WWE always find a way to make them awful. It was a mess of a show. Piper’s Pit however, saved it from being a waste of 2 hours. Best Smackdown Segment of the Year.



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