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    Thumbs up WWE Raw Results (11/05/12)

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    Miz is backstage with Paul Heyman and Heyman and Miz tells Heyman that Punk ran away last week and asks what kind of champion he is. Heyman says Punk did not run away it’s called the Art Of War and told Miz that Team Punk need to get on the same page and Miz says that’s where they’re different and tells Heyman he quits Team Punk

    We see a re-cap from last week’s episode of raw and then go into the LG Arena where Raw is coming to us this week in Birmingham England

    Antonio Cesaro & Prime Time Players vs R Truth, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

    Sin Cara and Cesaro start things off and Cesaro with a takedown and a stomp to the gut. Cara with the armdrag and headscissors take over. Truth gets the tag and Cesaro hits the uppercut. Tag to Darren Young and shoulderblock off the irish whip by Truth. Mysterio gets the tag and a series of forearms to Young. Young with the hard irish whip into the corner. O’Neil in and O’Neil going for the powerbomb but Mysterio gets the tag. Cara in and tag to Truth as Cara hits the low dropkick


    Dropkick by Truth to Young and double axehandle off the ropes by Cara. Cara gets caught off the rope and Cara with the headscissors and deep armdrag off the top rope. Mysterio back in and Mysterio setting up for the 619. Cesaro tags in and hits the tilt o whirl backbreaker. O’Neil in, military press and a series of backbreakers. Cesaro back in and delivers the gutwrench suplex. Float over by Cesaro preventing Mysterio the tag. Cesaro goes for another gutwrench and Mysterio gets the headscirros. Young going for the gutbuster but Cara blocks it float over to Cesaro and Mysterio hits the 619 as Truth the little Jimmy and get the three count for the victory

    The winners of the match: R Truth, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio


    We see re-cap from last week of Vickie’s “evidence”

    Vickie comes out and says she’s proud of her accomplishments and thrilled that AJ resigned as GM of Raw and reviews the evidence surrounding the scandal. John Cena comes out. Vickie says she runs a clean show and Cena will not stop her and Cena cuts her off and says Vickie Guerrero running a clean show is like him learning a new move. Cena then says she’s trying to expose this scandal yet when she was GM of Smackdown she was married to Edge and then found Dolph Ziggler and tells her instead of trying to expose this scandal she should answer some of the questions and Vickie tells her not to turn things around and we see hotel security footage. Cena says that is no evidence and tells Vickie that means nothing but Vickie says there’s more footage. Cena says that footage is totally bogus and says Vickie is once again manipulating the truth. Vickie calls Cena’s lies exhausting and invites AJ to come out. AJ appears on the TitanTron and says Vickie does not want her to go out there because if she goes out and explains herself she will give Vickie the beating of her life and then she’ll be fired and out of a job then she won’t be able to do what she loves to do. Ziggler then comes in and says they all know what AJ loves to do and Cena runs to the back.


    Paul Heyman calls Miz contemptible, conniving and cowardly and says Team Punk needs someone like Wade Barrett and Barrett says this is the same thing Heyman’s done before. He tried last week and Barrett refused and he’s refusing again but then reconsiders and tells Heyman he owes him and Barrett wants it I writing

    Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

    Rhodes and Bryan lock up and Bryan backs Rhodes into the rope. Kick and open hand palm strike by Rhodes. Headbutt by Rhodes. Whip into the corner and Bryan hits the clothesline. Bryan with the No Kicks. Bryan backdrops Rhodes over the top ropes to the floor. Rhodes with the Disaster Kick, the Cross Rhodes on Bryan and cover for the three count

    The winner of the match: Cody Rhodes

    Post Match: Rhodes calls that an impressive victory by one half of the future tag team champions and that Damian Sandow can beat Kane just as easily as Rhodes beat Daniel Bryan. Kane pulls Sandow into the ring but Sandow slides ot the other side and retreats with Kane in pursuit


    Kane vs Damian Sandow

    Kane working over Sandow. Irish whip and elbow by Kane. Elbow drop by Kane and backdrop off the irish whip. Kane with the right hands in the corner. Sandow fighting back but Kane still in control. Irish whip and Kane runs into an elbow. Sandow off the ropes and Kane catches him with a right hand and the big boot. Bryan and Rhodes fighting on the outside and the official sends them both back to the locker room. Big right hand followed up by the clothesline in the corner. Kane up to the top and flying clothesline to Sandow. Kane hits the choke slam and covers him for the three count

    The winner of the match: Kane


    Brad Maddox is introduced to the ring by Michael Cole. Cole shows the footage from HI|AC and asks what possible explanation he has, what did he tell the board and is he or is he not working with Paul Heyman and CM Punk. Maddox says that was all him. It was his plan and says all his life all he ever wanted to do was be a WWE Superstar and for years he’s tried to get his foot in the door and gptten the door shut in his face. He sent videos, went to live events and even paid $2000 for a try out and finally was given a chance with a developmental contract and even there he wasn’t good enough. He says he has no idea why maybe it’s that he’s not 6’ tall or a freak or doesn’t wear a mask. Even when officials told him he’d never make it to the main roster his dream never died because he wants to be somedbody and doesn’t care how many people tell him he’s nobody so he made a vow to himself that he’d do whatever it took to make it to WWE. And when Raw went to 3hrs and AJ Lee called him up to Raw all he needed was one chance to make an impact. That was all him, CM Punk did not have anything to do with it and was just as surprised as the WWE Universe. He says he’s famous now because people know his name everywhere. His dream is to be a WWE Superstar and wants a contract and a match with Ryback. Because at this point no one is going to forget who Brad Maddox is. Vince McMahon comes out and says it’s one thing to have a dream it’s another to have a death wish and doesn’t believe Maddox and Punk weren’t in on this together and says he will give Maddox a $1,000,000 contract if Maddox can beat Ryback next week McMahon brings Vickie out and asks if she agrees Punk was involved in this with Maddox and asks why she would reward Punk rather than have him defend his championship and she was thinking that very same thing and McMahon makes a title match at Survivor Series. CM Punk vs Ryback but says Vickie was thinking a triple threat and says he’ll fire her if she says Dolph Ziggler. McMahon makes it a triple threat John Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship


    Sheamus vs The Miz

    Sheamus and Miz lock up and Sheamus hits a shoulderblock. Side headlock take over by Sheamus. Hip toss by Miz and it’s blocked as Sheamus hits a clothesline. Sheamus with a series of elbow drops and Miz with a kick unloading on Sheamus. Sheamus back in control. Sheamus hits rolling senton. Clothesline by Miz. Miz working over Sheamus. Suplex by Miz and it’s blocked by Sheamus and Sheamus hits the Fiery Red Hand. Miz rams Sheamus into the announce table and back in the ring Miz back to the wear down hold.


    Clothesline in the corner and axehandle from the top by Miz. Miz wearing Sheamus down. Miz with the DDT off the knee into a neckbreaker. Miz with mounted punches on Sheamus. Miz setting up for the clothesline and Sheamus catches him with clothesline. Shoulderblock and kneelift by Sheamus and the powerslam. Sheamus looks for the Irish Curse but Miz blocks it. Sheamus with the battering ram. Sheamus looks for White Noise and Miz counters and hits a DDT. Sheamus looking for the Cloverleaf, goes for a Brogue Kick and Miz counters. Sheamus tries again for White Noise and connects. Sheamus with the Brogue Kick and the cover for the three count

    The winner of the match: Sheamus

    Vickie Guerrero comes out of Vince McMahon’s office and tells Dolph Ziggler that he’s now the captain at Survivor Series. Punk walks in and calls McMahon a cranky old bastard who just wants revenge on Punk. Vickie books Ryback and John Cena vs CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler


    William Regal and Sheamus are talking backstage and Sheamus says Regal has helped him a lot but should keep his congratulations until after his match at Survivor Series when he beats Big Show and gets HIS World Heavyweight Championship back

    We see the segment from earlier tonight of Vickie’s “evidence”

    Layla & Kaitlyn vs Eve & Aksana

    Layla and Aksana lock up and Aksana with the quick roll up. Kick by Layla. Aksana with the irish whp and Layla hung upside down in the corner. Hair whip by Akasana and a gut stomp to Layla. Aksana with the double leg drop. Layla unloading on Aksana and Aksana hits a clothesline. Irish whip into the corner. Double team in the corner and Eve tags in sitting on the top rope pulling Layla up by the hair. Elbow drop by Eve and a front facelock. Eve with kicks in the corner and a snapmare out of the corner. Kick by Eve but Layla ducks. Eve taunting Kaitlyn and Layla kicks Eve away. Tag to Kaitlyn and back body drop followed up by a series of clotheslines. Kaitlyn with the inverted DDT covers Eve for the three count

    The winner of the match: Layla & Kaitlyn

    Alberto Del Rio is talking with Ricardo Rodriguez and Rosa Mendes accidentally bumps into Del Rio.


    Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio

    Del Rio backs Kingston in the corner and a kick by Del Rio. Side headlock take down. Shoulderblock by Del Rio and flying elbow by Kingston. Del Rio with the front facelock and Kingston counters into an armbar and Del Rio backs him into the corner. Irish whip reversed by Kingston. Mounted punches in the corner by Kingston and an uppercut. Hurricanrana by Kingston. Kingston on the apron and Del Rio knocks him to the floor. Body scissors by Del Rio. Backbreaker by Del Rio and double stomp on Kingston. Snap suplex to Kingston. Kicks by Del Rio and Del Rio on the top rope weakening the arm. Del Rio charges and hits shoulder first into the ringpost. Kingston with a series of clotheslines and dropkicks. Boom drop to Del Rio. Trouble In Paradise but Del Rio counters with the armbreaker but can’t get it. Kingston hits the SOS. Crossbody misses the mark and Del Rio signaling for the cross armbreaker and Orton’s music hits and as Del Rio is distracted Kingston rolls Del Rio up for the three count

    The winner of the match: Kofi Kingston

    Post Match: Randy Orton hits an RKO on Del Rio

    We see footage from earlier tonight of Brad Maddox giving his explanation for why he did what he did at HIAC

    Wade Barrett vs Brodus Clay

    Barrett and Clay lock up and a kick and punch by Barrett. Clay with the punch and a kneelift. T bone suplex and leg drop on Barrett. Clay off the ropes and Barrett with the sidewalk slam. Barrett to the outside with knee strikes to the head. Series of clotheslines by Clay and a running headbutt. Clay with the big splash in the corner. Another splash but Clay misses and a kick to Clay followed by The Souvenir

    The winner of the match: Wade Barrett


    Jey Uso vs Heath Slater

    Uso with a slap and headbutt. Slam and legdrop. Uso with the irish whip and clothesline. Slater unloading on Uso but Uso turns it around. Slater unloads on Uson and wears him down now. Irish whip reversed by Slater. Kick by Uso off the ropes. Uso with punches and straight kick. Uso off the top with the superfly but Slater gets the knees up and hits the Smash Hit covering Uso for the three count

    The winner of the match: Heath Slater


    Ryback & John Cena vs CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

    Punk and Cena lock up and side headlock take down countered by Cena with a headschssiros. Punk back to the side headlock and Cena with the armdrag into a chinlock. Side headlock by Cena. Punk with the irish whip and shoulderblock. Ziggler in now and snapmare into a submission hold. Front facelock by Cena. Kick and punch by Ziggler. Running bulldog by Cena and Punk back in and Cena with a hiptoss. Punk stimping on Cena and tag to Ziggler. Neckbreaker by Ziggler and the series of elbow drops. Clothesline by Ziggler. Punk back in and he hits the high running knee. Punk with knee strikes sets up for the GTS but Cena going for the AA and Punk kicks him in the back of the head. Cena with the AA to Punk. Ziggler in and prevents the tag. Irish whip and Cena catches Ziggler with the elbow. Famouser by Ziggler. Punk in with the neckbreaker and a figure four on Cena’s head. Cena to his feet and delivers the Electric Chair to Punk. Standing dropkick by Ziggler. Ziggler to the top and misses with the missile dropkick. Ryback gets the tag and he unloads on Punk and Ziggler. Spinebuster to Punk, military press on Ziggler and Ryback hits the Meat Hook clothesline to Ziggler. Punk gets a Meat Hook clothesline and delivers Shell Shocked covering him for the three count

    The winners of the match: John Cena & Ryback

    -End Show-

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