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    Cool WWE Raw House Show Results (11/06/12) Glasgow, Scotland

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    WWE continued their tour this past week after back to back tapings of both Raw and Smackdown in Birmingham the Raw crew traveled to Glasgow, Scotland for a live house show at the Braehead Arena.

    1. Santino Marella & Brodus Clay d. Primo & Epico

    Santino did a topple over the rope spot and played off as being afraid of the ropes throughout the match. Marella worked the crowd and they were waiting to see what he would do next. Basic comedy match with Marella and Clay picking up the victory with a Cobra/Splash combination. Afterwards, kids entered the ring to dance

    2. Michael McGillicutty d. Tensai

    Strange pairing here with the crowd launching into a "Let's Go Mikey!" chant. McGillicutty played the face in this match winning with a roll up on Tensai

    3. WWE Divas Title: Eve d. Layla & AJ

    AJ was the most over woman in this next three way match which featured some pretty solid action. This was given more time than allowed on TV and also featured the spot where AJ won the title only to have Vickie come out and re-start the match with Eve retaining the title.

    4. John Cena d. Dolph Ziggler

    Vickie was out for this one but was sent to the back by the official after interfering. The ref took a bump allowing Vickie to return and attack Cena only to have AJ come out and stop her. Cena through AJ over his knee, teasing a kiss which elicited a massive reaction from the crowd. AJ then smacked Ziggler with the briefcase allowing Cena to pick up the win


    5. US Title: Antonio Cesaro d. Zack Ryder

    Cesaro looked smooth and controlled while Ryder didn't quite click with the fans on this night. Cesaro domnated the match working Ryder's knee and taking the win after delivering The Neutralizer

    6. WWE Tag Titles: Team Hell No d. Team Rhodes Scholars

    Bryan was by far the most over with the crowd and Kane received a big pop as well while Team Rhodes Scholars especially Damian Sandow received huge heat. Sandow played the cowardly heel running away from Kane. Solid performance from Bryan in the ring, Both teams clicked and the crowd was all over this match. Team Hell No teased an argument minus the hug spot and took the victory with Bryan applying the No Lock

    7. WWE Title: Ryback d. CM Punk via DQ

    Punk played the cowardly heel and Ryback picked up the victory when Heyman summoned every heel from the back to come out and attack Ryback. Ryback fought most of them off until John Cena and Kane ran out to make the save. Ryback then Shell Shocked Punk and faced off with Cena teasing a showdown. Cena tried to hug it out with Ryback but ended with a handshake

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    Thanks for the info, don`t like the first 2 matches it`s winners.

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    for the info

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    for posting

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    for the info why cant they have these types of matched on raw

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