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    Default WWE Planning Major Expansion In Orlando?, What Triple H Is Scouting

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    Word is that WWE has been aggressively pursuing more buildings to acquire in the Orlando area and it’s said the company wants more space as close to the Performance Center as they can get. With the continued rumors of a physical Hall of Fame, this could be part of that expansion.

    Another reason for more space is that Triple H has reportedly spent a lot of time scouting some NFL training facilities and wants to use some of their concepts into WWE developmental but WWE needs a lot more space for that.

    The plan right now is for WWE to set up 2-3 more buildings in the Orlando area.

    According to a source, WWE has been trying to keep it quiet, feeling it will only drive up the price if it’s known they’re shopping for more buildings. WWE is reportedly trying to quell this by having “dummy corporations” acquire the spaces.

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    I like how much WWE wants more developmental superstars. It's a really good idea to show off talent.



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