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    Default Was WWE Legends House Scripted?

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    As noted, the cast of WWE Legends House held a press conference yesterday at Smith and Wollensky steakhouse in New York City. They also screened the first episode that premieres this Thursday night and this was the first time that the cast had seen the premiere episode.

    Newsday has an article up on the show at this link. They talked to Roddy Piper about the show. He said:

    "First thing, Im uncomfortable. There are some things I forgot -- [grimaces] -- uncomfortable. I think its very authentic. Like nobody there is trying to pretend Im this, or I gotta live up to this. Everybody in there has been around long enough, theyre just kind of being themselves, like we are here. Nobodys putting up any airs."

    PWInsider reports that while many reality shows script their segments, WWE Legends House did not do that. None of the talents on Legends House were scripted in terms of verbiage or how to react.

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    That's nice. It adds a lot of realism into the show.



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