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    Default Why WWE Isnt Blurring The WWF Logo

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    Here is the update in why the WWE isn't blurring the WWF logo or censoring the WWF name on the new Attitude Era DVD.

    WWE and the World Wildlife Fund came to a settlement for the company to use the name and logo in any older archived material, which means that WWE has the rights to use the name and logo in any TV shows, DVDs and other materials going forward. WWE cannot produce any new material using the WWF name, but this means that the older footage that was constantly being edited can now be used unedited going forward.

    The company made the agreement, due to the fact that there was an issue over the amount of work needed to digitally alter older footage for the planned WWE Network. WWE basically decided that it was better to reach the settlement than to go through the censoring process, which has been upsetting to many fans on past DVDs.

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    I never knew that world life fund owned that logo

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