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    Default WWE House Show Results from Rotterdam, Netherlands 4/17/13

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    Here are the results:

    - Zack Ryder won over Heath Slater.

    -R Truth won over Antonio Cesaro.

    -William Regal over Michael McGillicutty.
    Much love and bowing by the crowd for Regal.

    Funkadactyles and Kaitlyn over Bella Twins and Tamina Snuka.

    -Dolph Ziggler over Daniel Bryan.
    Great long match Bryan was insanely over.


    Tons of Funk over Rhodes Scholars.

    Kane v.s Big E no contest which by vicky Guerrero turned into...
    Daniel Bryan & Kane over Ziggler and Big E.
    Ziggler originally interfered so Bryan came out. Vicky made it a tag match. Afterwards, Bryan tried to get Kane's Tag belt which eventually led to a hug segment.
    Great stuff here crowd was really into it.

    Main Event time
    John Cena over Ryback in a tables match. Loads of Let's go Cena, Cena Sucks; and Feed Me More chants. A big Goldberg and Fruity Pebbles chant in between.
    My Guess would be Cena being more over here especially with the kids which was awesome to see.

    Biggest pops:
    Daniel Bryan
    William Regal
    John Cena

    Biggest heat:
    Heath Slater
    Rhodes Scholars
    Michael McGillicutty (mostly cause of the Regal Love)

    Looked like a sell out or close to it. Loads of Fandangoing as well and awesome Claudio chant during Cesaro's match. Also regal seemed to be really taken back by the love off the crowd.

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    i have video too in hd if some one need it then tell me



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