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    Default WWE House Show Results from Fayetteville, North Carolina 6/9/13

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    Night starts off with Ziggler coming out to a pretty big pop. He says he was confused because he didn't know if the people were booing or cheering the WHC, which lead to him getting booed instead. He says that while he feels great, doctors still haven't cleared him to wrestle so Big E will be filling in once again. The match will be fan active and we'd get to chose from 2 out of 3 falls or No DQ.

    1st match has the Usos coming out to a pretty big pop vs the Prime Time Players. Usos win after a superb splash.

    2nd match was Hunico vs Justin Gabriel in a pretty good old-fashion cruiserweight match. Plenty of high flying spots and counter. Justin wins with a lionsault.

    Paul Heyman appears in a pre-tape with a pretty good amount of heat. Says there's no way in hell he'd be in a place like Fayetteville, but we're lucky to see his new guy wrestle.

    Curtis Axel came out to a decent amount of heat afterwards, cuts a promo.

    Match 3: Sheamus comes out to a huge ovation, largest of the night. Overall, pretty boring match but the crowd stays into it. Shamus goes through his usual offense, sets up for the brough kick and Axel rolls out of the ring. Sheamus follows before Axel throws him into the ring post and wins by count-out. Axel eats a brough kick after the match.

    Match 4: Layla and Alicia Fox vs Aksana and AJ Lee. Aksana came out to the sound of crickets. I've never seen a crowd so dead for a performer. AJ Lee came out to a big pop, bigger than both of the faces. Anyways, Aksana and AJ end up arguing and AJ leaves the ring. Layla wins by roll-up.

    Match 5: Alex Riley vs Heath Slater. Crowd was pretty dead, A-Ri wins by a TKO.

    Match 6: Khali vs Jinder Mahal. Khali comes out to his usual pop, thankfully wins in a squash. During his celebration he's interrupted by Big E and Ziggler. Big E attacks him and hits him with the Big finish.

    Match 7. Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez vs Big E with Ziggler & AJ. ADR and Ricardo received a nice pop. Fan active results are in and it will be a no DQ. There a few spots with the kendo stick. AJ and Ziggler get on the apron at one point and the ref sends them to the back. Del Rio applies the arm bar but Big E powers out. ADR wins after spearing Big E through a turnbuckle table. Crowd enjoyed the match.

    Overall, the show really lacked star power, and if I had to guess on the crowd size, I would say it was about 2500.

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