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    Default WWE House Show Results from Belfast, Northern Ireland 4/18/13

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    Just back from my first ever RAW house show in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, as I've always been to Smackdown shows over the years.

    Good crowd as always, packed to the brim. Lots of kids in John Cena merchandise, to be expected of course, but lots of Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler shirts too. Speaking of merchandise, they didn't even have Bryan's Yes/No t-shirts or Antonio Cesaro t-shirt which left me and my friend slightly bummed.

    First match of the night was Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins. Fun match to get the night off. Sandow was excellent at getting the crowd to hate him but got a laugh when Tensai confronted him, causing Sandow to bail from the ring with a high pitched squeal. Tons of Funk with the double big splash on Sandow for the pin.

    Justin Roberts got the Twitter rounds going with a vote for #AJStay or #AJGo during the Tag Team Title match later in the evening. Also, the screens showed people's tweets before and during the show with #wwebelfast

    Up next was Heath Slater vs Zack Ryder, who got a lot of cheers from the crowd as they woo'd along. A guy near ringside was jaw jacking with Slater most of the match, which made for some entertainment. Okay match, Zack wins it with the Broski Boot followed by the Rough Ryder for the win before getting the place to fist pump and woo with him.

    A quick update from Justin Roberts told us that 69% wanted AJ Lee to stay at ringside. Obviously a lot of hot blooded fathers and males out there, myself included. Laughs were had at the number.....

    William Regal came out to a huge pop, it's always great to see him here in Belfast. Michael McGillicutty was his opponent but not many people recognised his music or him so chanted for Regal. He proceeded to get on the mic and claim that if it had been a few years ago, he would have been booed out of the building and asked if we were cheering him because he's old. Naturally that got a cheer so he laughed and proceeded to enjoy himself during his match with McGillicutty before picking up the win with the Kneetrembler. He got on the mic again afterwards and stated he's been coming to Belfast for 27 years now and has had fun every single time, but wanted to give a shout out to a local legend who made him the man he is today. He pointed towards Fit Finlay, who was at the production area and a massive cheer was given towards Finlay who acknowledged us all with a wave. Regal is such a classy guy, my hat's off to him!

    Next up was the World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (with AJ Lee) vs Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Ziggler got a massive pop when entering and he seems to be enjoying it as he kind of played to the crowd before going into cocky mode for the remainder of the bout. As usual, Daniel Bryan got massive YES chants and lots of laughs when he shook his head no, due to his beard going the opposite direction of the way he was shaking. Kane also got huge cheers when entering, can't hate the Big Red Monster after all these years. Comedy match until Big E got in to dominate Bryan for a while. The man looks impressive, but all he did was slams and shook his arms about. Close near fall after shenanigans from the heel team causing Kane to get hit with a beautiful superkick from Ziggler, but he managed to kick out. Match ended soon after with a chokeslam and a diving headbutt combo to ZIggler from Team Hell No for the win. Afterwards, they did their "I'm the Tag Team Champions" schtick, with Kane taking the titles and Bryan getting on the mic to whine. He ran at Kane like a bull but missed a few times before nearly crying and walking out. Everyone chanted "hug it out" which they eventually did and left to applause. Entertaining stuff as usual.

    After an intermission, R Truth came out rapping to his What's Up song, no Little Jimmy or crazy Truth for some strange reason. His opponent was Antonio Cesaro, who got some good boos. Funny moment during the match involved Truth in a sitting position while Cesaro ran the ropes, as if to do a big maneuver. As he finally charged for the sitting Truth, he stopped and proceeded to slap on a chinlock. Hilarious stuff. Truth wins it with the Lil Jimmy. Poor Cesaro....

    Biggest heat of the night (and headache too) was Vicky Guerrero coming out with her usual EXCUSE ME screeches. She introduced Tamina who challenged Kaitlyn for the WWE Divas title. Why Vicky needed a mic to begin with is beyond me, as I could hear her perfectly fine during the match with her screeching. Not a bad match, Kaitlyn won with a spear before hitting a baseball slide on Tamina and Vicky at the same time.

    Main event time and it was for the WWE Title in a tables match.The challenger, Ryback, got quite a mixed reaction, with kids booing him and adults chanting along to Feed Me More. Naturally, the reverse happened when John Cena came out but with more kids there (and single mothers it seemed), the cheers were more dominant. The crowd chanted Goldberg at Ryback, who proceeded to retort with a Ryback chant. Not a bad match, the poor ring steps got put through two tables and Cena got killed with a Meathook clothesline before slipping out of the Shellshock and hitting an Attitude Adjustment through the third table for the win.

    Overall, a very enjoyable night. Punk was sorely missed, as the only person who got massive boos was Vicky. Shield missing was a let down for a few people as they seem to have quite a following. Definitely will be back again.



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