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    Default WWE Hoping For Credible Tag Team Division By Year End

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    Triple H's plan to put the spotlight on tha tag team division is one of his key objects since gaining more power and taking over more duties from Vince McMahon. As we reported a few months ago, Triple H hopes to have a credible tag team division before the year is over.

    Back in August, the feeling was that more focus on tag teams would mean the Divas get put on the back burner. That doesn't look to be the case as word is they have some significant things planned for the Divas division over the next few months.

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    they have so many wasted Air time. I dont get why allways some one has to step back when WWE puts spotlight on other divisions

    make the Tag title a SD title, stop the RAW reviews, the highlights and "the Did you know" segments etc. and you have enough time for every division

    btw WWE did you know that I dont care about Did you know
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    The Tag Team Division have improved .



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