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    Default WWE Finally Pushing Heath Slater?

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    It appears WWE may be going ahead with a push for Heath Slater as he's won his last four TV matches - with Titus O'Neil over Stardust & Goldust on Tuesday night's Main Event, over Seth Rollins on Monday's RAW, with Titus over Sin Cara & Zack Ryder on the August 1st Superstars and with Titus over Tyson Kidd & Ryder on the July 29th Main Event.

    Slater hasn't even came close to this many WWE TV wins in a row since 2012 when he and Jinder Mahal had five straight wins from October 9th through November 5th. Slater Gator, the name of Titus and Heath's tag team, was trending on Twitter during Main Event on Tuesday night.

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    Stop scaring me with this sort of news

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    Titus, is he no longer heel or is it a heel tag?



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