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    Default WWE Embarrasses Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia... Again

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    It's well-known that WWE, for whatever reason, has a history of poking fun at ring announcer Lilian Garcia. In the past, Triple H has referred to her as being a "horse", and she has taken other forms of ribbing as well.
    It's being reported that at the Tuesday night tapings for Friday Night SmackDown, Lilian Garcia accidentally announced Zack Ryder as "Jack Swagger".
    During the dark match after the tapings, John Cena brought out longtime ring announcer Tony Chimel to do a "proper" introduction for Zack Ryder, but as a rib on both Chimel and Lilian, they kept on cutting Chimel's mic out. Cena then did a "proper" introduction for Ryder.
    It's being said that this was mostly done to rib Lilian Garcia.

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    I don't think Wwe hates Lilian so much that they embarress her on tv.....or off air....

    Must be some fault or wrong news spread by someone....

    What will they get by enbarrassing her........??

    It's Clobberin Time

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    if Lilian leaves WWE .... whos loss ??

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    Lilian maybe the announcer for WM28 cause she will be singing USA's national song at WM....

    So maybe the whole incident wasn't was accident

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