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    Default State of WWE Divas, Vince Pulls Paige Promos, Total Diva Getting Pushed?, More

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    It should be noted that this news was reported by a source before AJ Lee returned to WWE TV to win the Divas Title from Paige and before Emma was arrested, released and then re-hired by the company.

    It’s been reported before that Vince McMahon was down on Paige. According to a source, Vince specifically doesn’t like Paige’s promo style and has pulled a number of her pre-tapes that were scheduled to air. Triple H reportedly has a favorable opinion of Paige but his interest has cooled recently.

    Regarding Rosa Mendes, who will be on the next season of Total Divas, it’s said that a push for her is not out of the question in the next few months. She will be given extra live event bookings so officials can get a better look at her before a possible push on TV.

    A source said that there has been more doom and gloom in regards to Emma. Sources claim she’s rarely discussed and her future seems “questionable” at best. This came from a source before the whole arrest debacle that has played out this week. There is no telling what her WWE future holds now.

    In general, it’s said that the Divas are having a hard time impressing Vince because he compares them all to AJ Lee, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. Those three are Vince’s personal favorite Divas on-screen and in real life. As a result, it’s harder for other Divas to stand out.

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    Vinnie Mac is old now and doesn't like plastic anymore

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    Vince, I hate you now.



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