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    Default WWE Creative Needs More Fans on Its Writing Team

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    With some of the puzzling decisions WWE sometimes makes, it's clear that more fans need to be added to the writing team. Fans who truly know and love the business can be a valuable asset to the WWE think tank.

    WWE is such a multi-faceted product that it requires an array of talents and mindsets.

    Business-savvy men and women are needed to shape the shows into profitable entities. Former wrestlers are invaluable as well. Only those who have taken the bumps and worked the crowds can truly understand the nuances of the business. TV executives also have their place.

    While WWE does employ writer and fan Kevin Eck, WWE's creative team needs a larger percentage of fans in the mix.

    Eck, formerly of the Baltimore Sun, wrote the following about leaving the paper for WWE. He said, "I am very excited to be going to work for the professional wrestling industry leader which also happens to be a company that I have been passionate about since I was 6 years old."

    WWE needs more folks like Eck, those who both grew up with the product and are talented writers.



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