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    Default WWE Contacting Ex-Divas

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    At one point, WWE was planning a ten Diva tag match for WrestleMania 29 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It would be a team of former Divas (Maria Menounos, Kelly Kelly, Maryse and the Bellas) vs a team of current Divas led by champion Kaitlyn. Trish Stratus would have managed one of the teams.

    The idea was that the current Divas were not over enough and management thought putting them over recently departed Divas could help them at WrestleMania, as well as provide a unique attraction.

    Negotiations quickly broke down as the former Divas stuck together in discussions. They asked for the rights to their WWE names and copyrights for outside use, which they were denied. This led to Kelly Kelly and Maryse turning down the offer and demanding more money instead. The Bella Twins were already planning to come back as early as late 2012, so they signed new full-time deals.

    There has also been talk that the former Divas wanted others name in the match instead. They basically played "hardball" during the negottions.

    WWE has decided to go in a different direction, and right now there is no set plan on the PPV beyond a possible unannounced tag.

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    for this info

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    So the Divas played 'hardball?'



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