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    Default Is WWE Considering Jake Roberts for a Rumble Return?, 2014 HOF Rumor, Ric Flair Returning?

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    - There are reports of WWE being in talks with Ric Flair about signing a new deal soon. WWE Officials are interested in having Flair work a position where they can use him for PR purposes and use him to sell new Flair merchandise. The flipside is that while under contract, WWE wouldn't want Flair to associate with things that have made him a lot of money like the North Carolina lottery.

    - Despite Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts campaigning for Roberts to be a 2014 Royal Rumble entrant, word from WWE is that they are not even considering it right now and probably won't consider it until early January. If anything happens, it would probably be a last minute deal.

    - One name being rumored for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame is Steve "Dr. Death" Williams



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