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    Default WWE Considering Three Huge Main Events for SummerSlam

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    We havenít heard yet how Daniel Bryanís surgery has changed things creatively, besides pushing some things back a few weeks, but itís no secret now that WWE expects him back in the ring before June is over.

    We now know some plans for SummerSlam that WWE was considering before Bryanís surgery took place but still after the injury happened. Itís important to note that these were being considered before the surgery. We havenít heard any updates yet.

    * Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. This one could be interesting if they go through with it because another source said of Wyatt, ďIíd be very surprised if he wasnít a full-on babyface in the next few months.Ē

    * Triple H vs. Roman Reigns. This is likely happening, if they can draw the program out that long, because Reigns is the guy Triple H wants for his next big singles match.

    * Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro. This is a feud that WWE wants to do at some point because of the Paul Heyman dynamic.

    Itís also important to note that these were preliminary ideas discussed. We noted before this week that a feud between Sheamus and John Cena had been discussed and SummerSlam was a possibility.

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    IMO it's too early for HHH vs. Reigns and Lesnar vs. Cesaro.

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    Ooohhh... Lesnar vs. Cesaro would be a good, physical match!! I would love to see Cesaro get Lesnar in the swing!!

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    Lesnar vs. Cesaro would be a nice rivalry since they're both managed by Paul Heyman.



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