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    Default WWE Claims Record Was Broken At Smackdown Taping OPEN ON UR OWN RISK

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    Mark Henry and Ryback broke the NFL Combine record for the 225-pound bench press with a stunning 53 repetitions each during a sold out television taping of SmackDown in Hershey, Penn., on Tuesday night.
    The World’s Strongest Man crushed the record of 51 reps, set by Justin Ernest at the 1999 NFL Combine. His count nearly stood at 54, but WWE referee Scott Armstrong elected not to count the final lift.
    “[Henry] hit the 53,” said the seasoned official, explaining why he didn’t count the last attempt, “but when he was about to hit 54, he couldn’t get it all the way up and then he racked it. So the official mark stands was 53.”
    Though Henry’s feat was truly incredible, Ryback looked ready to break the newly established record with 54 reps. However, after tying The World’s Strongest Man, his WrestleMania adversary prevented him from going further by pushing the bar down upon him. See what happened first-hand and the controversial call by the referee this Friday night on SmackDown at 8/7 CT on Syfy.

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    Ryback was probably using the fake weights!

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    if the wights were fake then why mention the record????
    i mean if the weights were fake by law the new record will not be considered the new record.right???

    21-1 time to riot



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