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    Default WrestleMania Angle Nixed, Randy Orton's Heel Turn, More

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    WWE's plans to hold the “World’s Largest Harlem Shake” at WrestleMania 29 appear to be off.

    -- With the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view nearly selling out over the weekend as well as the recent RAW sellouts and great live event gates/attendace, WWE officials feel that they are about to strike a really hot time period.

    -- There were rumors several months ago that WWE Legend Sgt. Slaughter was going to have a role in The Rock's new G.I Joe movie. This didn't end up happening and none of the scripts that were going around featured Slaughter in a role.

    -- Ranjit Chahal sent this one in: Randy Orton commented on regards to him turning heel. When a fan on Twitter asked if they were the only one that missed him as a heel, he replied, “No, your not.” Thought I'd pass this along. Keep it up bro.

    As noted earlier today here on the website, there is talk of turning Randy Orton heel and that may happen at WrestleMania. The idea would be that they'd build up Sheamus and Orton "trusting" The Big Show only to have Orton turn during the match and hit an RKO on either Sheamus or The Big Show. It all depends on who they want him to feud with following WrestleMania.

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    Orton turn sounds Awesome!



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