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    Default Vince vs. Triple H Over Ric Flair, Vince Giving Triple H Freedom Backstage

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    Itís been reported recently that WWE officials have an offer out to Ric Flair that would see him return for a more regular WWE TV role, if Flair can clean up some of the personal issues going on in his life.

    Itís said that Vince McMahon flat out does not want Flair on WWE TV because he still doesnít trust Flair with a live mic or trust Flairís ability to stay out of some sort of public scandal.

    At the same time, Triple H is the one behind the deal to bring Flair back in a more regular role. While some may assume Vince will get his way, thatís not the case. Vince is said to be leaving the matter up to Triple H even though he is strongly against it.

    A source notes that Vince is trying to give Triple H enough freedom to make his own mistakes and learn from them. Vince reportedly feels that Flair will ultimately prove him right and Triple H will realize why Vince was against it after all.

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    Vince treating HHH like he is a child lol Flair seems drunk every time I see him so maybe it is something else ? He is entertaining though Woooooo!

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    I would love for Flair to return to the ring, and then the real Evolution would form.

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    I really don't know what Vince is talking about... Didn't he see the Segment featuring Shield and Evolution, how Flair handled himself pretty much as usual, which is a good sign? As far as I'm concerned I disagree with Vince on this one.

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    Mike: What do you think of the chants? Seems like everybody here in Phoenix wants head.

    Tazz: Well, it's a horny crowd.

    Mike: What...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centurion View Post
    A source notes that Vince is trying to give Triple H enough freedom to make his own mistakes and learn from them.
    Has Vince not seen MANY of those mistakes already that he wants HHH to make even more?



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