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    Default Why Vince Let Paige Hold the WWE Divas Title, Why He’s Happy Now, More

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    We’ve noted how Vince McMahon has been very down on Paige and her promo work. There was some speculation backstage two weeks ago at RAW that Paige may have been facing some heat from officials after letting the CM Punk chants catch her off guard during her promo with the returning AJ Lee. While she has been critiqued, there was no heat on Paige for that. The reason for that is because Vince feels she’s “been a dud” and had already decided that she’s “too green.” At that point, there wasn’t much else Paige could do to get heat since Vince had already soured on her.

    According to a source, Vince is happy to finally have AJ Lee back and the Paige experiment didn’t work.

    Vince realized Paige wasn’t working out for a while but wanted AJ to be the one to beat her, so Paige’s title run was extended until AJ returned.

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    They are trying HARD to come up with good storylines for their business and there's a nice little soap opera is being played in real life between Punk + AJ and WWE



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