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    Default Vince McMahon Wanted to Fight WWE Writer

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    Former WWE creative team writer Alex Greenfield recently told MLW Radio that WWE Chairman & CEO Mr. Vince McMahon may have wanted to physically harm Greenfield one day at a WWE show:

    "We're standing right outside the arena. There are fans way back behind the fence wondering what Mr. McMahon is yelling at this little Jewish kid for. I just refused to back down. I was like, my way is the right way. You did it wrong. He said, Damnit, I wish you were 6' 7" and I said, I'm not, but I'm standing right here."

    "And there was a moment in that conversation where I thought he was just going to haul off and punch me in the face. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking like a badass here like I would have won this confrontation necessarily. He probably would have broken my jaw."

    "But he really thought about it. I'm convinced to this day that he thought about knocking the [expletive] out of me."

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    WWE creative deserve to have their jaws broken most of the time



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