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    Default What Vince Ordered Lawler To Do on RAW, WWE Star In The Doghouse

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    - You may have noticed on last nightís RAW from Memphis that Jerry Lawler said Mark Henry had pinned Roman Reigns in the past before correcting himself a minute later. Lawler was ordered to make the correction by Vince McMahon himself in the headset. WWE is very serious about keeping Reignsí image strong.

    - We donít have any further details but word this week is that Alberto Del Rio is once again in the WWE doghouse. It could have to do with him expressing interest in leaving once his deal expires.

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    King is a friggin' company jobber, he makes himself look dumb and I didn't like the fact he promoted the 'Bootista' chant on Raw, wtf has Batista done to him to deserve that other than not being over with fans.

    King is just a face douche with no brain

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    Del Rio should leave. He's so boring.



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