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    Default VIDEO: Triple H Talks About Fans Enjoying NXT More Than Main WWE Product

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    Triple H recently spoke to SIRIUS/XM host Sam Roberts and responded to the topic of fans seemingly enjoying the NXT product more so than the main WWE roster product.

    At the end of the day down here, I take the talent that I have and I try to write the best show, Triple H said. I try to write a show that I want to watch, and thats all I do. People can say, Oh, the difference in the shows. Listen, if I had to write a three-hour show ever week? You know, I dont, I have to write a one hour show.

    HHH continued, The pressure is a lot different. Theres a lot of masters that have to be served Raw and Smackdown and all of those things. Im flattered that people love the product. I think its great. Im excited for these kids. At the end of the day, the goal is still to get them up to the main roster, but the bigger I can make the platform for them to jump off onto that main roster, the better it is.

    You can check out the complete interview below.

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