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    Default Video of DDP and Jake Doing Yoga, CM Punk Talks About Headlining WrestleMania, More

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    - Below is footage from yesterday's Sandy Relief Party:

    - Here is footage of Diamond Dallas Page and Jake "The Snake" Roberts doing a DDP YOGA exhibition on CBS New York's The Couch:

    - GMA News Online published an article which features quotes from CM Punk about headlining WrestleMania:

    "I'm hung up on going on last, being the main event on WrestleMania. There's all sorts of people who will tell you 'You're wrestling the Undertaker and maybe that's bigger than the title, bigger than going on last and there's a difference between the main event and the last match.' It's just been ingrained into me. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be in the main event at WrestleMania."



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