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    Default Updated WWE HOF Notes: Vince and Bruno Embrace, Trish Not Finished Wrestling?, Punk's Sign, More

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    - Here are more news and notes from last night's WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony:

    * Besides the WWE crews, some of the names in attendance included Bobby Heenan, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts, Nikolai Volkoff, Ivan Koloff, MVP, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, Bret Hart, Bob Orton, Ron Simmons and many others.

    * The ceremony was hosted by Jerry Lawler.

    * After the ceremony ended, the Hall of Famers came out for a final bow. Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino shook hands and hugged, which was described as "the" moment of the night. Bob Backlund teased putting the chicken-wing on Vince before jumping into the crowd and running around Madison Square Garden.

    * Stephanie McMahon teased that Trish Stratus might have another WrestleMania match in her future.

    * Here is a photo of CM Punk holding up the "applause" sign when Mick Foley came out:

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    I saw that Applause sign pic on Facebook before. Just Awesome!



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