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    Default Update on Rhodes vs. Goldust, New Angle for NXT Superstar, DVD News, Grisham

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    - Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham will be hosting an American Kennel Club special on ABC in January of 2012.

    - The new storyline for NXT Rookie Derrick Bateman is that Teddy Long has signed him to a temporary contract for the Smackdown brand. Johnny Curtis is currently involved in a love triangle angle on NXT with Bateman and Maxine.

    - WWE shipped 265,000 DVD units in October 2011, up 6% from October 2010. The top shipped WWE DVD's for the year so far are WrestleMania 27 with 232,000 units shipped, Best of WCW Nitro with 138,000 shipped, History of WrestleMania with 120,000 shipped, DX One Last Stand with 109,000 shipped and Randy Orton's DVD with 102,000 shipped.

    - As noted before, WWE officials are open to the idea of a Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust match. Word now is that they aren't too keen on holding it at WrestleMania 28, but are open to it.



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