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    Default Update On Hogan & Justin Bieber In WWE Movie, Jake Roberts Note, More

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    - Apparently the role that Hulk Hogan has in the WWE Studios’ Untitled Celebrity Death Pool movie is a small one. The role that Justin Bieber filmed as the voice of KITT from Knight Rider is said to be a “quick but bizarre” post-credits scene. Other than that, Bieber has no involvement with the film. The movie is scheduled to wrap filming this week and is being shot with intentions of being an “R” rated film.

    – WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts appeared at a Max North Pro Wrestling event in Canada this weekend and seemed to be in good spirits. He gave an inspirational speech from the ring and seemed to be doing alright, according to fans in attendance.

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    So glad to hear about Jake. Diamond Dallas Page has done a wonderful job helping the boys such as him and Scott Hall get back on track. I have the utmost respect for DDP.

    A quick personal story about DDP… I went to a gym in Columbus OH several years ago prior to the NWO angle, and saw DDP there. I geeked out and introduced myself right away. We chatted for a bit, I gave him my business card and offered to do some work for him for his web site (this was back in the dial-up days). About two weeks passed, and I got home from work and the light was flashing on my answering machine. I played the message, and it was from DDP!! I couldn't believe it! He gave me the number to Rich (in KC) who did his web site work, and I called and spoke with him for a while. It was really cool feeling like I was getting plugged in, even for a moment.

    By the way, I still have the message saved on the tape and will not get rid of that machine because of him calling me that day.



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