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    Default Update on the Buyrate for WrestleMania 28, Tajiri's New Promotion, Jericho

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    - Chris Jericho will be appearing on Adam Carolla's podcast that airs this Friday at

    - Former WWE star Tajiri will launch his new "Wrestling New Classic" promotion on April 26th at Shinjuku Face in Tokyo, Japan. The promotion will debut at Korakuen Hall on May 24th. Tajiri's WNC is using most of the same wrestlers from the now defunct SMASH promotion but with new financial partners.

    - While official numbers aren't out yet, early indications from cable companies show that WWE's WrestleMania 28 did around 1.1 million buys. WWE originally predicted 1.3 million buys for the show but lowered their expectations to 1 million on the day of the show.


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