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    Default Trish Stratus Weighs In On The State Of The Divas Division, Entering The WWE Hall of Fame

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    Seven-time WWE Womenís Champion Trish Stratus joined "The Rack" Thursday night she discussed her pending Hall of Fame induction, what will she be wearing to the ceremony, the poll from her website about her top 10 favorite outfits, who are some of the people she wished she could have faced, her feelings on the state of the current Divas division, her iconic match at WrestleMania 22 vs Mickie James, how does someone come down from the highs of WrestleMania, possibly getting a Mattel Trish Stratus Barbie, an update on her yoga studio, who would she like to see as the next female inductee to the Hall of Fame and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

    Her reaction to entering the WWE Hall of Fame: ďIím super excited; oh my gosh. The call was like ĎOh my God, seriously?!í That was my first reaction. But I mean Iím actually honored; I know I keep saying this but I felt like Ďit feels like a little bit too sooní but then I realized I have been retired for seven years. I donít know, I think I have such an active role in the company at this moment that I donít feel like Iíve been away from it for that long, you know? But Iím just, Iím thrilled, Iím very honored and when I heard the class this year, itís just like wow; Iím just blown away. And as the fan, I feel like itís amazing. Iím really looking forward to that weekend.Ē

    Who is someone she wished she could have faced in the WWE today: ďI feel like Iíve been saying it a lot but I mean the two women that really did some awesome stuff after I left was, well, one thing I say is I was so satisfied when I retired because I felt like I worked with just about everyone I wanted to work with, right? And then, all of a sudden, there was this wonderful burst of Nattie and Beth and it was the ĎDivas of Destructioní and it was just this awesome stuff that they were doing and Iím like ĎI want a piece of thatí. That is something I would like to go back to because it was good wrestling again. And Beth, thankfully, I had a chance to go back and wrestle with her, and you know Nattie is just, and we both say it, I would just love the opportunity to work with her, I think. And when I say work with her, I mean partner or even I would, it would be my pleasure to kick her butt. So, you know, we both being a Canadian mix of things and I just see some double Sharpshooter action; I just see some good stuff that would be really good. But you knows? Itís kind of like who is on my wish-list. ď

    Her thoughts on the current state of the Divaís Division: ďI think what is missing is I think everyone has the right tools. I think weíre seeing; listen, when you look at, and itís funny, I fell in Kaitlyn because I loved her quirky attitude and she reminds me of me and I like that a lot, and thereís that afraid to not be silly and I just think that the fans donít know that side of her, or know as much as we do on the inside, right? So, what I think is missing overall, and itís something Iíve said for years, is the development of the characters.

    So, everybodyís got the right tools, everybody has the skills to wrestle and definitely I think we have distinct personalities out there, even someone like Rosa Mendes. To me, the lost art is the valet to full-time wrestler transition and I think the more we see of Rosa in her valet role, it allows us to really get to know her and develop her character, right? And for her, and I hope she realizes, itís one of the best places to be to really understand and to get wrestling. Like, I know when I was ringside watching the guys wrestle and watching every movement and what evokes and emotion and you kind of watch what works and what didnít work, it made me when I got in the ring, it made able to draw on that, those experiences, and really bring that into the ring and be a better performer. So, I think everyoneís got the capabilities, certainly everyoneís been wrestling more and I think thereís some great wrestling technique going on now and characters for sure. I think now, we just have to sort of look at the division as a whole and it would be awesome to just think ĎOk, how do we position each person a little differently and make these storylines?í because everyoneís kind of wrestling with each other but thereís no storylines. And itís like, whatís the direction, whatís the storyline, why are they wrestling, why do they hate each other? And I want it to be more than ĎYouíre a girlí and ĎI want the titleí it has to be more than just the title because obviously, thatís what weíre all going for, thatís the purpose of being in wrestling and why you compete in your division but thereís got to be an underlying storyline and thatís usually what stems from your characters. ď

    On the quality of matches given by Divas today: ďThatís the thing, these girlís matches are great; theyíre actually having really good matches, to be honest. Tamina is fantastic in there, I mean and itís like everyone happens to be under the radar because theyíre like ĎYeah, that was a good matchí but itís true. Itís like, you need that storyline, thereís no way around it. You see they deliver the good, they just need something to fuel them in there, so when theyíre there itís like I care what that kick means, or why that cheat means so why I hate her for that cheat. So, thatís one thing missing, thatís for sure.Ē

    Who would she like to see next inducted into the Hall of Fame, female wise: ďI mean, I think Lita would be a great pick. She and I obviously sort of have this parallel our entire career. Sheís a great friend of mine, I respect her and our career was a real special thing that we had; the relationship and our characterís relationship as well; I think she would be deserving. But, at the same time, you know itís a long list. Thereís some great women; I know one thing I kept hearing was Luna Vachon; why is Trish Stratus going in before Luna Vachon and I concur. You know, I think Luna, to me it would be great to see her go in but thereís so many women whoíve contributed to the overall of what women and how women are perceived in wrestling, but these women will all get in at some point. Itís not a matter of will they, itís a matter of when.Ē

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