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    Default Triple H Teasing DX For RAW, Edge Comments On Cena's Injury & More

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    - WWE COO Triple H tweeted the following on Monday morning, teasing that tonight's WWE RAW from Columbus, Ohio could feature some involvement from DX:

    "Columbus.....R U READY? #Raw"

    The New Age Outlaws wrestled on the WWE European tour that just wrapped up this weekend, so it's possible we'll see them on TV tonight.

    - has a new article up looking at Triple H's upcoming steel cage match against Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. The piece emphasizes that Lesnar's past as a UFC cage fighter will work to his advantage:

    "Will Brock Lesnar's experience fighting in the UFC's Octagon prove advantageous or detrimental when he steps inside WWE's steel cage against Triple H at Extreme Rules?""

    - WWE Hall of Famer Edge responded to a fan who Tweeted him about John Cena's Achilles tendon injury. The fan noted that Edge had the same injury during his career, and it kept him out of action for 12 months. Edge replied:

    "Actually 6 months, not a year. Still sucks though. He's stubborn, he'll get through it."

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