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    Default Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Several Other WWE Superstars Praise William Regal

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    WWE's website has a new article up with Triple H, Daniel Bryan, Robbie Brookside, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett and Fit Finlay talking about how they respect William Regal. Here are quotes from Bryan and Triple H:

    Triple H: I think William Regals passion for this business has allowed him to not only succeed but to change with the times. If you look at the things hes done during his career, from contesting serious matches to making people laugh, that passion has allowed him to fill whatever role needed to be filled. Not a lot of people can do that. Thats a rare quality, to be able to do both.

    For me, WWE NXT is my environment and what I deal with on a daily basis William Regal is a huge component of that. Hes got a remarkable eye for talent. The rare thing with him is that most guys see new talent in the mold that they are, and thats what they are interested in. He has a unique ability to look at everything. It can be someone who works in the complete opposite style that he does, but he can still see value. To me, thats where he plays a huge role spotting and understanding talent, who can make it.

    As for his jokes, I never hear him, because hes such a soft talker. We were on the road together for years, and I spent the majority of my time saying, What? He has that English sense of humor; you know, in which the joke is so rotten its actually funny. Its not that Im laughing at the joke, but more at how bad the joke is.

    Daniel Bryan: One of the things thats cool to me about William Regal is that hes a gentleman. He is professional in every aspect of the word. He shows up to the building, and hes wearing a suit and looks presentable. Also, hes got that quiet toughness. Some guys are very brash and want to wear their Affliction shirts, but hes not that guy. You know hes tough, but he never has to say anything about it. Hes somebody who came up in a different era.

    I was with WWE when I was 18 and then got let go in 2001, but he was responsible for getting me booked in the UK. And I spent six months there in 2003 and another four months in 2005 and another three months in 2008, and thats all because of him.

    Its hard to get feedback from good people when youre on the independent circuit. A lot of those shows I was on, I was main-eventing and people were asking me for advice, but then who do I go to for advice? Regal was always there. Anytime I asked him to watch a match, hed watch it. And then hed give me feedback and constructive criticism. When I first got to WWE, he really helped me navigate the waters, as far as, what you should do and dont need to do here and whats important.



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