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    Default Triple H Comments on Kane's New Role as Director of Operations

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    WWE posted another storyline interview with Triple H by Michael Cole. Here are some highlights.

    * Triple H discussed The Big Show being back and getting a WWE Title shot against Randy Orton.

    * Triple H said that he wasn't necessarily pressured into his decision about giving the Big Show a title shot.

    * Cole said it was "the strangest thing" to see Kane in a suit and tie. Triple H asked Cole if it was stranger than Mae Young giving birth to a hand.

    * Triple H said that Kane had asked for an opportunity, and his new role now is Director of Operations.

    * When asked what Kane's responsibilities would be, Triple H replied, "you will see."

    * Cole brought up Kane's recent Tweets saying "this monster is yours to unleash." Triple H responded saying, "Yes he is Cole. Yes he is."



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