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    Default Triple H - Possible Broken Jaw, Arrest Warrant For The Big Show?

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    WWE announcer Michael Cole has issued a storyline-driven video statement exclusively to explaining why WWE COO Triple H will not be participating in their weekly sitdown interview for the site.

    Michael Cole says Triple H declined to be interviewed this week as a result of the Big Show knocking him out cold on RAW. Cole says Triple H suffered a concussion and is at home resting with his wife and children.

    He said the injuries could be even more serious, with Triple H possibly suffering a broken jaw, which would require his jaw to be wired shut.

    Cole said that Triple H was unconscious for 3 minutes and 31 seconds at RAW.

    After speaking with a source at the Pittsburgh police department ("off the record"), Cole said the police might issue an arrest warrant for the Big Show on charges of criminal trespassing and assault.

    WWE will give an update on Triple H's condition this Friday on SmackDown.

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    lol srsly? how many people got a concussion this year??

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    I'm surprised by how Triple H possibly has a broken jaw when he doesn't wrestle anymore, and he could've probably taken 2 more Knock-Outs to the face without being injured when he did wrestle lol



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