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    Default Tommy Dreamer Says WWE Divas Need More Airtime; His Most Fulfilling Experience

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    Of all the success that you’ve had with WWE, ECW, and TNA, what do you find most fulfilling?

    Being creative in ECW was great. Paul Heyman gave me the opportunity to be as creative as I was. In this business, a lot of people, you know, I don’t want to say “hold people back”, but you know. But I was a young kid and was brought to the studio and taught how to edit a show, and I’d just sit in the car and soak in all the knowledge he had and he’d help me. We’d bounce ideas off each other. I remember he and I would legitimately be fighting in the car on the way to a show. We wouldn’t be fighting for our own personal goals but for the goals of the company. And then going to the WWE and doing a lot of things behind the scenes there was another one of my great experiences. I’ve been hooked on wrestling since I was nine years old. I love to see anyone be successful and doing this… because this is hard and there’s legit only two real companies to work for. It’s not like baseball and football where there are 30 teams. WWE and TNA each have their own set ways. My success has come from being fan and getting the opportunity.

    Tommy Dreamer’s take on women’s wrestling.
    My personal take on women’s wrestling is that today, in the WWE, the women need more airtime and storylines. There are some very amazing and talented women in the WWE. In TNA, they get a lot of airtime. I believe they’re still the highest rated people on the show, which is pretty awesome for the girls. Some of the stories are a little kooky, but they’re still doing a decent job building up the women in TNA.

    What was your favorite rivalry in the old ECW?
    I’ve got to say, probably my favorite and most famous one was the one with Raven just because of the storyline we had, the longevity of it, I couldn’t beat him for three years, and when he left for WCW and then came back and we still hated each other. The best part of that feud was that it was a continuing storyline, which is a lost art. People are lucky to have a storyline with somebody for three weeks, but we did it for three years. Also, all the characters that came out of that feud, from Stevie Richards, Beulah, the Pitbulls, Brian Lee, it spawned so many different characters. When you’re doing it, you’re in the middle of it, you don’t understand what’s going on. Looking back, Raven and Tommy Dreamer pretty much solidified my career. As Paul E. always said, “once you’re over, you stay over.” I’ll never forget when I hit Beulah with the Piledriver and went into the crowd and hit my pose.

    Tommy Dreamer also talks about helping women like Lita, Mickie James, and many more make it further in the business, his thoughts on the Raw Supershow concept and the WWE Network, Tony Atlas’ influence on his career, and much more. Also included in the over 90 minute show is an interview with Shelly Martinez. You can catch the entire show at Three Way with Fire & Ice » Just another WordPress site.



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