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    Default How Did TNA Wrestling Discover Claire Lynch?, Eric Bischoff Praises Linda McMahon

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    - TNA Wrestling producer Eric Bischoff congratulated former WWE chief executive Linda McMahon on her triumph in the Connecticut GOP Senate primary on Tuesday.

    He wrote on Twitter, "Congratulations to Linda McMahon on her nomination. Smart, strong, experienced. Ct. voters are fortunate to have a legitimate leader."

    Bischoff had also tweeted on last week's episode of Impact Wrestling, writing, "It was a solid show that reached its goal. Looking forward to producing a "big moment" ep soon. Pacing."

    - As reported earlier this week, the woman portraying Claire Lynch—purportedly pregnant with AJ Styles' child—on Impact Wrestling is Julia Reilly, an Orlando, Florida-based actress and model. She is 36-years-old and has 15 years of acting experience. TNA Wrestling held an audition a few months ago for the role and was chosen because she resides in Orlando, where Impact is taped, which saves them money on airfare. says they were informed that Reilly also works at Universal Studios Orlando—where Impact is taped—as Olive Oyl by their "Popeye" ride. It is something Reilly has tried to conceal—she did not list it in her resume, which she deleted last week after her identity was revealed online.



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