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    Default TNA News: Hogan/Flair Botch, Lockdown Attendance, More...

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    This past Sunday's TNA Lockdown PPV is said to have only drawn about 2,000 people in an arena that could hold over 9,000.
    Also at the PPV, a segment between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair went on longer than it was supposed to, which resulted in the matches afterwards getting less time. It was said to be mostly Hogan who took too long.
    Also as previously reported, Eric Bischoff has indeed been written out of TNA storylines for the time being, but will remain in his current position as an executive backstage off-camera.

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    So has the countdown begun on how long until Vince McMahon buys TNA? Sounds like they're not doing so good then.



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