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    Default Will TNA Be Able to Survive Through 2014?

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    There is a feeling within TNA that the company will survive in some form, if only because Spike TV won't want to lose it. The Carter family would more than likely want to sell the company and get at least something out of it instead of shutting it down completely.

    The big questions right now revolve around 2014 - who will own it, if the current or new owners will give it a facelift, who will remain on the roster, where TV shows will be taped and if they will continue to do live events.

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    Dutch Wisdom: Big Money f's up everything.

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    I doubt they will survive at the end of 2014. I'm aiming for the end of Summer in 2014. After that, your new owner of Total Non-Stop Action.... Vincent Kennedy McMahon!



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