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    Default Titus O'Neil Visits Sick WWE Fan Hours Before He Passes Away

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    Logan Larrabee, a 3 year old WWE fan who had made a friend in John Cena, passed away from neuroblastoma yesterday. Neuroblastoma is a cancerous tumor.

    Before Logan passed, he received a visit from WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil at his home. Below is a photo from the Prayers for Logan Facebook page:

    Titus noted on Instagram this morning how John Cena called Logan's father this morning to offer his condolences. Titus wrote:

    "@WWEUNIVERSE Love or Hate the guy I'm going on record as saying I've always respected his Hustle, But my Respect Grew Greater for @johncena for calling Jim Larabee the Father of this Little 3year old hero Logan Larabee that I met yesterday hours before he passed away due to Cancer. @johncena called from Europe to send his condolences to the family,now this won't stop me from Kicking your A$$ First chance I get in an @WWE Ring, but what it has Done is make me even prouder of the Superstars,Support Staff and Divas that I get to work with on a weekly basis that make so many sacrifices to entertain,Motivate and Inspire People of All walks of life Worldwide!! #Respect #riploganlarrabee"

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    R.I.P. Logan



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