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    Default Why Itís Time For A Radical Transformation in WWE Creative

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    The WWE Universe recently learned of major changes in the creative department. The head of creative, Eric Pankowski, was fired just weeks before WrestleMania. He was in conflict with many wrestlers over his unwillingness to adopt a pro-wrestling style of writing. The WWE also has plans to spend more money to revamp the creative department by hiring additional writers. This is a huge step in the right direction when you look at the poor state of booking, specifically mid-card booking.

    Some key blunders that stick out in my mind are the terrible bookings of some of the WWEís best talent, specifically, Dolph Ziggler and the current mid-card IC and US Champions, Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro. Do you remember Dolph won the Money in the Bank contract?

    We were elated! Finally! One of the best technical wrestlers on the roster will get his well-deserved push and a WWE Heavyweight Title reign! That was July 2012, but it feels like ages ago. Now, Dolph appears to have been booked on a losing streak of irrelevancy, with AJ and Big E along for the ride. The question is this: Will anyone care when he does eventually cash in? Some will, sure. But, so many more would care if he had been booked as stronger heel. Zigglerís momentum has stalled and died. And itís a shame.

    This nonsensical booking is so damaging to the mid-card champions, Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro. Wade Barrettís feud with Bo Dallas just didnít work. Donít get me wrong. Iím always glad to see new talent get a shot at debuting on televised programs. They have some truly talented men and women in NXT. But, what was the point of Bo Dallas eliminating Wade at Royal Rumble and beating him in several matches? If anything, this feud should have been the other way around, with Wade putting the young upstart in his place. That would make Wade look like a dominant heel. At the same time, Bo Dallas would get over as the underdog face. Instead, the feud was inexplicably dropped, with no one getting over. Antonio Cesaro is also on the same downward spiral. His feud with the Miz was a waste of time. The Miz just isnít on Antonio Cesaroís level. A feud with an upper card wrestler like Randy Orton would have been more interesting. The back and forth between these two would be amazing, due to their impressive skill sets. Instead, we get a feud that just wasnít compelling. If that wasnít enough, our champions are currently stuck in a vicious cycle of losing. There was a time when being a champion was an important step in getting to the next level in the WWE. But now, it seems that the prestige the titles once carried has been lost.

    So, what happens now? Will Vince and Stephanie McMahon hire the right people to improve the current state of Creative? Iím hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. This is a chance for the WWE to hire writers that not only have a strong wrestling background, but also a passion and love for this business. For now, Iím going to remain optimistic that this creative upheaval will lead to something bigger and better for the WWE.



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