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    Default It’s Time To Play The Game – Triple H Getting It Done As WWE Boss

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    As a thirteen-time world champion and the lead member of one of the most successful factions of all-time, Triple H has accomplished everything as a performer in his near 20-year in-ring career. As his in-ring career nears his end, his corporate career is in its infancy.

    Accepting a position in the WWE office in 2010 as an Executive Senior Advisor, Hunter is now running talent relations, influencing creative and is basically the “1b” to his father-in-law Vince McMahon. Triple H’s role backstage has increased significantly in the past three years with Vince giving him more and more responsibilities. This couldn’t be clearer throughout the first three months of 2013.

    Not only did Hunter negotiate the surprise return of Chris Jericho for Royal Rumble, he took on the responsibility of convincing Bruno Sammartino to accept an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, was put in charge of WWE’s new developmental facility in Orlando and just inked yet another huge deal by landing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the WWE Hall of Fame. Let’s not forget Hunter is in one of the main event matches at Wrestlemania 29 and is also a father of three. He’s backstage at every WWE NXT taping in Florida and he put it on himself to find contracts for his friends (recently signing Billy Gunn as a developmental trainer and Sean Waltman to a Legend’s contract).

    To say he’s a busy man would be a tremendous understatement but one thing that can’t be overstated is the impact he’ll have on what will eventually be his company. I don’t think people realize the fact that Triple H will one day be “the guy,” just as Vince McMahon is “the guy” today. As much as people (outside the McMahon family) like to question Vince, if Hunter’s first few years backstage are any indication, it’s more than clear that Vince made the right decision in grooming Hunter as his successor.

    It’s no secret that Vince and Triple H have always been close, even before they became family, but Vince trusts Triple H and Hunter has proved himself worthy. I can say without pause that Vince was not optimistic that Bruno would agree to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and was surprised when a deal got done. It was Triple H that acted as a mediator and was able to convince Bruno to put aside past beefs and accept the company’s offer.

    What’s more is the state of WWE’s developmental system, which has always been impressive, is as loaded as it’s ever been. There are workers under contract that have already proven themselves to be draws outside of WWE. Let’s also not make light of the fact that Hunter just successfully negotiated a deal with a movie star and well-liked politician. One that was not “overly receptive” to working with WWE when he was first approached.

    We could spend all day highlighting the political landscape in WWE, question Triple H and his ego but one thing we cannot do is question his perseverance and ability to get things done. I see good things for WWE with Triple H as the head. Not only does he bring a wrestling mentality to the table but he touts the rare skill set of accomplishing things, even when they appear “highly unlikely.”

    He got it done with Jericho. He accomplished the impossible with Bruno and now he pulled off a very impressive deal by landing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the WWE Hall of Fame. His small body of work this year can reassure investors the company is in good hands as they enter a pivotal point in their history with the forthcoming launch of the WWE Network.



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