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    Default Ted DiBiase Discusses Saving Money Over the Years

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    WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase, Sr. recently spoke with Newsday to promote tonight's Old School RAW. DiBiase talked about what his son Ted Jr. has been up to since leaving WWE. One of Ted's new ventures is the Guardian Elite business, which helps athletes who come from college to the pros with managing their money. Ted Sr. talked about his financial situation:

    "I was fortunate. I probably could have saved more money, too. But, itís like, even though Iím not really the Million Dollar Man, I have a retirement account, I saved some money, and I did some right things. Could I quit [working] tomorrow? No, but am I better off than a lot of my colleagues? Yes I am, and thatís because I started making smarter choices, and I passed that along to my kids."

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    But...... But..... He's the Million-Dolla MAYN



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