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    Default Taz's Failed Attempt To Get Back In WWE, Jerry Lawler's Travel Woes

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    - Jerry Lawler was the butt of a lot of jokes backstage at Tuesday night's WWE RAW TV tapings from Laredo, Texas.

    After Monday's RAW, Lawler stayed in Austin, TX overnight and then drove 3 hours the wrong direction on I-35... ending up in Dallas, not Laredo. The King had to call WWE and arrange a flight in order to make it to Laredo in time for the RAW taping.

    Lawler got a lot of flack from the wrestlers and agents for now being able to make it to the right city after 40 years in the business.

    - Prior to signing a new contract with TNA, Taz tried very hard to get back in WWE. Specifically, he wanted to return in time for WWE's recent RAW taping from Brooklyn, NY. Taz called several people in WWE, but it soon became obvious that Executive Producer Kevin Dunn had no interest in bringing him back.

    During a recent production meeting, WWE EVP Triple H said, "TNA doesn't have anyone we need."

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    Fail Jerry.
    I don't see it positive that TNA kept Taz, on the other side it's good that WWE didn't take him, because in my opinion he sucks at commentary now.

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    no TAZ should stay in TNA or just quit wrestling haha..

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    Jerry Lawler

    HHH Said "Tna Doesn't Have Anyone We Need" Really?? They Have Many Talents

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    We want punk..........We want punk..........We want punk..........



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