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    Default Taeler Hendrix Talks About Controversial Lesbian Angle

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    Taeler Hendrix returned to The Greg DeMarco Show. Here are some highlights from the interview.

    On waiting to be called up to the main roster for TNA Impact Wrestling: ďIf I knew what it was, Iíd be doing it. ... I am doing everything I possibly canóI feel like I am that hidden gem thatís just waiting to be found. ... Itís been extremely difficult [being patient] ... If Gut Check was the stepping stone to reach the rest of your dreams. ... Thereís a certain element of risk...but if you if youíre not willing to go big you might as well go home. ... Itís been tough but as long as I keep a positive outlook on it, it doesnít seem as bad.Ē

    On the influence Trish Stratus had on her and the up & coming women today: ďI think the people who say Trish Stratus wasnít that good ... We live in America and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ... Their opinions are not fact. Trish Stratus is one of the bestóif not the best females in pro wrestling. And just because sheís not there now doesnít discount what she did. She didnít have to work as hard as she did, but she did. Just like Mickie James worked hard, just like Tara worked hard, Gail [Kim] worked hard. Hard work pays off, itís not just about looks. ... Trish Stratus had the look and the talent and she performedóno one is going to take that away from her.Ē

    On the controversial love story with Heidi Lovelace: Um, isnít every guyís fantasy a threesome? ... Itís really hard to tell people what Iím feeling as far as Heidi Lovelace because in Kentucky itís really frowned upon. ... I nearly wanted to throw up at first. ... But you know, I canít lie, the thought of it sounded really appealing, something fresh and something new, and Iím excited to see where this goes. ... Absolutely [the storyline should be getting more attention], girls donít get enough exposure in this business. ... I definitely think this should have more exposure because itís relatable to lots of people. ... Almost everything in professional wrestling has been done. ... Iím an entertaineróIíve always wanted to entertain people. Iíve always said Iím the Bette Davis of pro wrestling. ... This is a storylines that takes the girls in Ohio Valley Wrestling to a different level. It gives us something to play with and explore.Ē

    Taeler also gives her thoughts on Bully Ray vs. Sting and Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell at TNAís Slammiversary pay-per-view, the competitiveness amongst the women in OVW as they all vie for the same coveted television roles and much more.



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